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© Justin Case

© Justin Case

Kris Ugarriza


I am the Owner, Founder, and Lead Photographer at Red Wave Pictures.

My photography life began growing up in Lima, Peru. As the son of a journalist and photojournalist. I was brought up embedded in the newspaper and magazine lifestyle - exposed to countless stories, images, and even my mother's old Pentax SLR. To the horror of my mother, that camera was truly my toy truck.

I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication, with minors in Global Cultures and Classical Humanities from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. Since graduating, my life has been photography - with work published in numerous newspapers and magazines around the midwest.

My expertise crosses photojournalism, commercial, weddings and portrait photography. My current pursuits are focused on climbing, adventure and wedding photography - sparked by my explorations and nomadic tendencies. 

I combine my passions of daily exploration, climbing, and add a healthy amount of traveling with my dog, to make images I am proud of.