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El Potrero Chico

Climbing at El Potrero Chico

I first heard about El Potrero Chico in the fall of 2014. I was sitting around a cozy bonfire at Miguel's Pizza, one of the local campgrounds at the Red River Gorge, after a long day of climbing overhanging sandstone. A beer in hand, I asked the other climbers enjoying their own brews where they thought I should go climb over the winter. I wanted to rock climb, I told them, not Ice climb; and I needed to stay within driving distance because my dog, Kyra, would be coming along. I was also very fond of warm weather, so I was looking for a place that had decent climbing sun coverage, so I wouldn't have to freeze myself to death while belaying.

Every climber around the fire had an opinion about the matter. Some people championed the idea of bouldering in Bishop or Hueco Tanks. Others loved going to Arizona or Chattanooga. Quickly, the discussion developed into an argument about the best place to climb in the US in the winter. After a lengthy discussion about the merits and downsides of all the possible areas, a climber named Mike said, "How about Mexico?" 


El Potrero Chico

This past winter was my third season climbing in El Potrero Chico. Every winter, I come back to this limestone heaven to meet up with old friends, eat an incredibly unhealthy amount of barbacoa tacos and drink a very healthy amount of margaritas. Also, did I mention how cheap the avocados and mangos are? 

This past winter I set my tent up at Rancho El Sendero, one of the many camping options near the canyon. Most of the places you can stay at are located within a 5-15 minute walk to the canyon and about a 15-25 minute walk to the small town of Hidalgo, where you will be able to find churros, tacos, and the local coffeehouse, El Buho, which is the local hangout for climbers from all around the world. 

The canyon is located a 5-minute drive or a 20-minute walk to the small town of Hidalgo in the State of Nuevo León in Northeastern Mexico. There are several campgrounds at the foot of the canyon with many amenities and sleeping options. You can set up your tent or sleep in your car; rent a room, a cabin, or a whole house. And depending on the 



The climbing

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